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Preparing for an Injury Lawsuit

Your case may be solid, but there is still a lot of preparation needed for settlement negotiations or trial.  In order for an injury claim to move forward, the victim must have evidence.  After an accident, or incident, it’s very ...

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Injury Attorney at Law

a gavel resting on a desk

A personal injury lawyer can be the answer to many problems. At Scott Mullins & Company, our goal is to ensure that the injury victim is compensated for any loss arising from the accident.  We know that at times certain things are ...

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When Cars and Bikes Collide

Having an accident with a car is often a cyclist’s biggest fear.  When a car and bike are involved in a collision, the bike will almost certainly be damaged and the rider may sustain injuries. Bicyclists who are involved in an accident ...

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Personal Injury Cases

Have you or a loved one been a victim of an injury that has caused your life to be in shambles? Scott Mullins Law was founded on the idea of helping people in these situations to get their lives back on track, to where it was before. ...

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Dental Malpractice Attorney

Think about your relationship with your dentist, usually it is someone you can count on right? Sadly, that’s not always the case. Scott Mullins and Company is here to stand by your side if your dentist puts your health at risk. If you ...

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“Underdog” Commercial

When it comes to law the individual who’s been hurt is the underdog. They have families, they have to pay their bills, and their life is completely disrupted by some terrible event. I definitely represent the underdog. What I try ...

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