Where to Submit Medical Bills After an Auto Accident

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Wondering where to submit medical bills after an auto accident? We answer that confusing question in this blog post. Please contact us with any additional questions!

It is a constant source of confusion, starting in the emergency room with staff who request auto insurance information following a vehicular accident.  When injured in a car accident, especially when another party is at fault, many think that the bill should be directly submitted to auto insurance.  After all, paying damages caused by accidents is the sole purpose of carrying insurance.

While this may seem logical, it is very important to use health insurance coverage for medical treatment following an accident.  You may have medical payment coverage on your own policy of auto insurance, but you still want the hospital to submit the medical bills to your health insurance company.  You then can use the medical payments money available to you for any balances not covered by health insurance.  The hospital or third party billing companies contacting your on behalf of the hospital may try to tell you that you must provide them with you automobile insurance information.  This is not true!  If you have health insurance, Ohio law requires that the hospital or healthcare provider bill your health insurance carrier. 

At Scott Mullins & Company, we want you to focus on your treatment following a collision and not have to worry about medical bills, collection calls and insurance companies.  That is what you hire a personal injury attorney to handle.  If you have been injured in an automobile accident, contact Scott Mullins to discuss your claim.

Nursing Home Abuse: Know the Signs

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A sad but true happening in nursing homes today is the abuse of our elders. It's important to know the signs to make sure it isn't happening.

Elder abuse comes in many forms and happens regardless of gender, income level or ethnicity.  According to the National Center on Elder Abuse, “elder abuse is a term referring to any knowing, intentional, or negligent act by a caregiver, or any other person, that causes harm or a serious risk of harm to a vulnerable adult.”  It can be difficult for family members and loved ones to identify the signs of nursing home abuse, and often residents are unable or unwilling to report mistreatment. 

Common forms of nursing home abuse include physical, sexual, emotional and psychological abuse, abandonment, neglect or financial exploitation.  Older adults can suffer assault, battery or even rape or can be humiliated, threatened, ignored or isolated against their will.  Forms of neglect can include withholding food, water and medication or failing to take care of a resident’s hygiene needs such as changing the bedding.

According to the Nursing Home Abuse Center, signs of abuse to look for include:

·         Unusual bruising or bleeding

·         Broken bones

·         Open wounds, bed sores or cuts

·         Burns or abrasions

·         Sudden weight change

·         Infections, loss of hair

·         Torn, stained or bloody clothing or bedding


As a personal injury and nursing home abuse lawyer, Scott Mullins is committed to protecting the rights of your loved ones in nursing homes and other vulnerable adults.  Contact personal injury attorney, Scott Mullins for your free case evaluation.

Preparing For An Injury Lawsuit

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Even if your case is solid, preparation is critical. We explain how you can prepare for an injury lawsuit in this blog post.

Your case may be solid, but there is still a lot of preparation needed for settlement negotiations or trial.  In order for an injury claim to move forward, the victim must have evidence.  After an accident, or incident, it’s very important to write down, record, and/or photograph everything.  Make note of what happened, when, and where.  Record any detail you can remember, even if it seems insignificant at the time.

Paperwork is part of preparation- and you will have lots of it!  So start a file.  Be sure to keep every document about your case, your injuries, and any damaged property.  This would include correspondence from an insurance company, police report, medical bills and any other bills stemming from damages related to the accident or event.

If someone saw the accident that caused injury, their testimony can be crucial to your case.  Get the names and numbers of anyone who saw the accident.  In the case of a traffic accident, a police report should contain the contact information of witnesses.

Of course having appropriate medical care and a legal team after an accident or event is also important.  Personal Injury Attorney, Scott Mullins will help determine the value of your case and ensure the best possible outcome for your personal injury claim.  Contact Scott Mullins to discuss your personal injury claim today.

Injury Attorney at Law

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We have the results and testimonials to back our confidence for success in court. Every case counts with Scott Mullins. Learn more, here.

A personal injury lawyer can be the answer to many problems. At Scott Mullins & Company, our goal is to ensure that the injury victim is compensated for any loss arising from the accident.  We know that at times certain things are irreplaceable, and in this case we make sure that the compensation you receive is fair and reasonable.

Our appointment schedules are flexible, our representation is excellent, and our morale is high because we are confident that we can get you an optimal outcome.  Actions speak louder than words though right?  We have the case results to back our confidence, and the testimonials to assure you are confident too! 

Have you found that you’re asking yourself, “Is it worth it to take this issue to court?” or “What are the possible outcomes of this situation?”  We take every situation and assess the problem thoroughly before deciding a legal strategy.  It is actually quite common that personal injury attorneys are not used when they could be. This is primarily due to people thinking their case is not significant.  This is why we encourage those in any situation to immediately see a doctor, note what has happened, and take photos.

Every case has value and significance, and we are excited whenever we get the chance to help one of our neighbors out.  Explore our website to learn about our services in greater detail, and contact us for a free initial consultation.  


Distractions Lead to Car/Auto Accidents

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While driving a car we are often confronted with several distractions that may lead to an accident. We explain an accident's processes, here.

We see it every day.  Cars crashing into each other on the highways, side streets, even backing out of a driveway!  As many auto accidents as there are, you would think that it is just bad luck or chance causing these accidents.  Often times accidents are due to negligence of the driver, and can result in compensation for the victim.

In general, life puts a lot of distractions in front of us.  There is an overwhelming amount of media to look at and our surroundings on the road, and at the same time we may be listening to music (possibly controlling it from our phones) and text messages or calls could be coming in.  We can only keep an eye on so many drivers while driving, and there is always the lurking danger of someone who is drinking and driving, endangering everyone around them.  The movement to keep phones out of our hands while driving is growing, but people still do it.  All of this is just the tip of the iceberg when considering distractions while driving.

You might be driving on the highway one day coming home from work, when all of the sudden your head whiplashes forward, and you realize that someone has crashed into the back of your car.  This was not your fault, and you begin to get concerned. “Is my insurance going to cover this?” “Will I get a ticket for this?” “Is the other person going to be fair about this?” The list goes on.

At the time all you can do is let the process play out, and make sure that after the incident you see a doctor to make sure you aren’t hurt.  Note exactly what happened, and maybe take some pictures to document the scene as well.  Also, make sure you get the information of the other party involved. See our full list of advice, here.

Scott Mullins and Company consults on these matters free of charge, and can pursue compensation for your injury.   We are also familiar with cases involving motorcycle accidents.  If you have any questions about your situation in particular, call us!